NBC Yanking TV Shows from iTunes

Macworld: iTunes Store to stop selling NBC shows in September

NBC: “Thanks to Apple and iTunes, we’re making money we otherwise wouldn’t have made, so now we’re greedy bastards.”

I suppose some people might be compelled to try the new Fox/NBC Hulu.com service, which I read somewhere will require that you’re online to watch. But I’ll bet this action is going to push a lot of people — people willing to pay honest money for the convenience of downloading from iTunes — to the P2P services to download pirate copies. (It’s not encouraging that the Hulu page includes an image for the series Drive, which Fox cancelled after four episodes.

I give it 9 months before NBC announces a return to iTunes.

  1. I agree with you, Jeff. Seemed like an asinine move. I’m tired of hearing about labels and studios whine about losing money and then getting greedy with Apple who finally figured out the obvious and packaged music & video affordably for concientious consumers.


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