iMac Review at Hot News

My latest Seattle Times column on Apple’s new iMac appeared on Saturday, and today a friend pointed out that Apple is featuring it on their Hot News page:

“The very model of a modern Macintosh”

iMac, “the very model of a modern Macintosh,” may have evolved over the years into “this new aluminum fighter-jet of a personal computer, but the same idea is retained: You can put everything you need in a computer into an all-in-one design that actually looks good on a desk,” reports Jeff Carlson (Seattle Times). [Aug 21, 2007]

As a writer who covers the Mac, there are times when I wonder if I can come up with something clever enough that would prompt Apple to feature it in their marketing, the way Pogue and Mossberg get big slides during Steve Jobs’s keynotes. At the same time, of course, I’m not trying to come up with glorious things to say just to get quoted (journalistic ethics and all that).

The funny thing about this review was that I was completely and utterly blocked for how to open the column in an interesting way. Then, I spied the old iMac we own on the floor in my office, which hasn’t been functional for months (maybe even more than a year). The rest of the column came pretty quickly after that. I needed to get it done and turned in to my editor, who had given me an extension because the machine didn’t arrive until what would normally be my deadline. So the rest of the article was just banged out and sent.

(Oh, and I may have unconsciously stolen the “very model” line from my friend Andrew, who wrote in a review of the Xserve, “Apple’s Xserve is the very model of a modern Intel-based 1U server, with a few caveats.” However, I get alliteration points over his version.)

  1. Shucks, I might have led with:
    iMac the very model of a modern made-up Macintosh /
    With Intel chips, mad interface, and silly YouTube video /
    It can sing from iTunes and boot systems hysterical /
    SUSE, Gentoo, Windows too, in order categorical…
    …but, then, that’s probably why Apple PR never returns my calls. 😉


  2. Ah, see, it’s clear that you have actual musical talent. Quite a bit of that lacking here. 🙂


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