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Recover Erased Photos from a Memory Card

Have you done the bone-headed thing I did recently? I erased a memory card in my camera, and then realized I hadn’t transferred the latest photos to my computer. Fortunately, they’re easy to recover as I write about in an article at TidBITS: Recover Erased Photos from a Memory Card (2009-06-03). I look at four ...


Download the iDVD portion of my book for FREE!

Click here to download the PDF (6.2 MB). When Apple revealed iMovie ’09 at Macworld Expo this year, I was thrilled to see so many new features compared to iMovie ’08. (You can read my Macworld review of iMovie ’09 here.) But that also created a problem: my publisher needed the book to stay within ...


Projects Project Projects!

The past few months have been some of the busiest of my professional life, mostly due to a confluence of deadlines that I expected would be spread out over a longer period of time. But since I mostly write about Apple and the Mac, I never know when new products are going to hit. In ...


Accessing My Home Music Library with Simplify Media

When Apple first added the capability to share an iTunes library with other iTunes users on the network, my friend David Blatner loved the fact that he could sit on his porch at home with his laptop and stream music located on his computer at work. The Internet is just a big network, after all. ...


Mac Journalism, or When Emotion Clogs the Brain

Glenn Fleishman and I wrote a review of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard that appeared in the Seattle Times last week (we both write a bi-weekly column called Practical Mac). Depending on the topic, we get a little email here and there from readers and the occasional request for advice that has nothing to do ...


My Leopard Review at The Seattle Times

My colleague Glenn Fleishman and I wrote the Seattle Times review of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, which is now available online: Apple’s latest cool cat. In addition to talking about Time Machine, Leopard’s signature built-in backup feature, we hit on a few things that I haven’t seen given a lot of coverage so far, ...


Gruber Is Gonzalez?

This will appeal only to the Mac nerds, but I’ve made the shocking discovery that musician José González is actually Mac pundit John Gruber:


TidBITS Redesign Is Now Live!

This has been a long time coming, and now I’m happy to announce that the redesigned Web site for TidBITS is now live. The backend was built by Glenn Fleishman, I did the graphics and HTML/CSS, and publishers Adam and Tonya Engst herded Glenn and I. We’ll be talking more about the redesign in TidBITS ...


Un-damn: $100 iPhone Rebate

I shed a little tear yesterday at the news that the iPhone dropped $200 in price, but today I’m dry-eyed: Apple to Offer $100 iPhone Rebate for Early Purchasers.


8 GB iPhone Now $400. Damn.

Yes, I finally broke down and bought an iPhone – on August 8, which inconveniently for me is outside Apple’s 14-day price protection guarantee. That means I paid $600 a month ago for what costs $400 now. But I’m not really upset, honest. Every single time I get a phone call, I feel a zing ...