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iMovie ’09 Tip: Trim to Playhead

When iMovie ’08 introduced skimming, where simply moving your mouse pointer over clips previewed the footage in the Viewer, it also created an interesting interface problem. Unlike earlier iMovie versions, you can’t position the playhead and leave it there while you access menu items for editing. This is most obvious when trying to split a ...


More Changes in iMovie 8.0.1

I just updated my TidBITS article with two new pieces of information about what’s changed in iMovie ’09 8.0.1. I’m running short on time today, so I’ll just paste the relevant sections here (green indicates new material). Interlacing Bug Fixed — Here’s something I think Apple would want to trumpet loudly. It fixed a bug ...


iMovie ’09 8.0.1 Update Brings More than Just Bug Fixes

[I published this article simultaneously at] Apple released updates to iLife ’09 and iWork ’09 this week, as usual providing no useful information about what’s changed other than, in the case of iMovie 8.0.1 for example, “improves overall application stability as well as addressing minor issues related to usability.” But the changes are seldom ...


iMovie ’09 Tip: The Four-Second Title

When adding a title to an iMovie project, you typically drag a title style from the Titles browser and drop it onto the beginning, end, or middle of a clip (the middle gives the title the same duration as the clip). If you have a very long clip, your title could end up being much ...


iMovie ’09 Tip: Speed Clips 2,000%

iMovie ’09 brings back the capability to speed up or slow down clips, which went missing in iMovie ’08. Select a clip and bring up the Clip Inspector by double-clicking the clip, clicking the Inspector button on the toolbar, or pressing the I key. Just as with its last appearance in iMovie HD 6, you ...


Flickr Now Offers HD Video for Pro Members

Speaking of 720p, Flickr is now letting its pro members upload 720p HD video. They’ve set up a pool to highlight some HD video, as well.


Exporting 720p Video from iMovie ’09

If you’re banging your head against a wall trying to export HD video from iMovie, you’re not alone. iMovie ’09 has a bug where it doesn’t handle interlaced video properly (hopefully fixed soon). Macworld’s Chris Breen figured out how to get 720p video out of iMovie, and wrote about it at With iMovie ’08, ...


iMovie ’09 Tip: Wraparound Cursor

I just learned a very cool tip that solves one of iMovie’s annoyances. When you’re skimming a clip and come to the end of a line in the Project Browser, hold Shift or Caps Lock to automatically wrap the playhead and mouse pointer to the next line. Here’s a video of the shortcut in action:


A Couple of Quibbles with Pogue on iMovie ’09

David Pogue wrote about iMovie ’09 in his New York Times email column today, and while he’s pretty spot-on about the update, there are a couple of things I feel compelled to note. They really are minor quibbles, but that’s the awesome power a blog grants me. If you’re scoring at home, here are the ...


10 Secrets of iMovie ’09

In conjunction with my Macworld review of iMovie ’09, I’ve published an article at TidBITS that looks closer at a bunch of new tips and features in the new version: 10 Secrets of iMovie ’09. For example, did you know you can use a second monitor to preview your movie and use the entire top ...