A Couple of Quibbles with Pogue on iMovie ’09

David Pogue wrote about iMovie ’09 in his New York Times email column today, and while he’s pretty spot-on about the update, there are a couple of things I feel compelled to note. They really are minor quibbles, but that’s the awesome power a blog grants me.

If you’re scoring at home, here are the features that have been restored: themes, extracting audio, chapter markers, direct export to iDVD, visual effects (including slo-mo, reverse motion, black-and-white and more).

iMovie ’08 could always do black-and-white, there just wasn’t a direct button that did it. You’d bring up the Video Adjustments heads-up-display (HUD) and change the Saturation value to zero. iMovie ’09 now has a Black & White video effect which leaves the Saturation slider untouched.

Here’s what’s still missing: plug-ins, audio effects, manual audio adjustments, bookmarks, importing old iMovie projects without losing all your enhancements.

I’m not sure what Pogue means by bookmarks. iMovie ’09 supports DVD chapter markers, but it also includes “comment markers,” which function the way iMovie HD’s bookmarks did. With the advanced tools enabled in iMovie’s preferences, you’ll see a little brown dialog balloon icon in the upper-right corner of the Project Editor. Drag that to the filmstrip to create a comment marker that you can rename.


Comment markers don’t affect your movie when you output it; they’re just for marking spots that you want to return to easily later.

See? I told you they were quibbles.

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