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iMovie 7.1 Fixes a Lot of Annoyances

Looks like Apple has been busy with iLife in the past month, because the just-dropped iMovie 7.1 (and updates for the rest of iLife ’08) just appeared. It’s a 44.6 MB stand-alone update, or you can get it via Software Update. Here’s what has changed: What’s New in this Version This update addresses several areas ...


My iDVD ’08 Review and Apple’s Disdain for DVDs

Macworld has posted my full review of iDVD ’08. For the most part, this update isn’t remarkable, though it does clean up the interface a bit and adds pro-level (two-pass variable bitrate) encoding. I also focus a little on Apple’s waning interest in DVDs. When I did a briefing with Apple, I asked about the ...


First Look: iDVD ’08

My first-look article on iDVD ’08 is now up at Macworld: First Look: iDVD ’08. This one wasn’t as difficult as the iMovie one, since not a lot has changed in the latest version of iDVD. Apple has incorporated a few nice polishes. I’m currently testing the new Professional Quality encoding setting, but it’s time-consuming: ...


Add DVD Chapter Markers in GarageBand ’08

I suggested using iMovie HD 6 to create DVD chapter markers to your movies, since that feature is now absent in the new iMovie ’08. It’s a hassle, because you have to export your video from iMovie ’08, import it into iMovie HD 6, and then export again after you’ve set up the markers. Well, ...


iMovie ’08 and iDVD ’08 Are Here!

It’s been a long wait, but Apple today finally announced the next version of iLife. And this time around, there’s more to look at than just a few new features. iMovie ’08 is, quite literally, a completely new application. Apparently Apple has created a new video editor and replaced what we know to be iMovie. ...


Interviewed in Wall Street Journal about Holiday DVDs

Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan interviewed me for the Wall Street Journal about creating a holiday DVD (versus a holiday letter), and the article has now appeared on the WSJ Web site: “Now on DVD: Holiday Cards.” What I find interesting is how the writer took some factual information and spun it in a way that isn’t ...


QuickTime 7.1.2 Fixes iDVD Bug

I’ve not run into the problem, but apparently QuickTime 7.1.2, released today as a 49.1 MB download (or via Software Update), “addresses an issue previewing iDVD projects.”


Combining iMovie HD Projects

Graham from Sydney, Australia asks: iMovieHD/iDVD5 VQS Pge 221 sidebar. I work in PAL HDV 1080i and tried dragging one of my 5 10 minute movies to a new imovieHD project and got message ‘the file could not be imported. QuickTime couldn’t parse it”. My workaround to get a combo movie was to first convert ...


iLife ’06: Don’t move iLife support files from installed locations

A new Apple knowledgebase article effectively says, keep things where you found them: iLife ’06: Don’t move iLife support files from installed locations. This is one of the tradeoffs that make iLife easy to work with. As long as you’re happy with where Apple stores your files, you won’t have problems. I guess this is ...


Macworld Review: iDVD 6

Macworld has posted my review of iDVD 6. iDVD used to be a simple application that let you burn a nice-looking DVD, thanks to Apple’s themes. With iDVD 6, you can further control how you structure and customize your project, or let Magic iDVD do the thematic work for you. Although the future of DVD ...