iMovie 7.1 Fixes a Lot of Annoyances

Looks like Apple has been busy with iLife in the past month, because the just-dropped iMovie 7.1 (and updates for the rest of iLife ’08) just appeared. It’s a 44.6 MB stand-alone update, or you can get it via Software Update. Here’s what has changed:

What’s New in this Version
This update addresses several areas including video and audio editing capabilities, and performance associated with opening and switching iMovie Events and Projects. This update also supports general compatibility issues, improves overall stability, and addresses a number of other minor issues.

iMovie 7.1 features include:

Multiple Clip Selection
Select multiple clips in order to assign keywords, paste adjustments or reorganize clips in your project faster than ever.

Fine Tuning
Quickly refine the start or end frame for any clip without leaving the Project view.

Still Frame Creation
Freeze the action for creating a dramatic ending or applying the “Ken Burns” effect on any frame of your video clip.

Frame-by-Frame trimming
Adjust each clip to the perfect start or end frame using frame-by-frame precision trimming.

Audio Ducking level control
Dip music tracks and background tracks to the perfect level as voice over or other audio comes in and out of your movie.

Manual Audio Fades
Make smoother sounding audio transitions by manually adjusting the fade duration.

Performance Improvements
Enjoy you video more quickly by switching between any of your Events.

Set Duration for Transitions and Stills
Change the duration of photos or length of your transitions without accessing Preferences.

Show Current Playhead Time
Get duration or timing information at a glance as you skim through your Events or movie.

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