First Look: iDVD ’08

My first-look article on iDVD ’08 is now up at Macworld: First Look: iDVD ’08. This one wasn’t as difficult as the iMovie one, since not a lot has changed in the latest version of iDVD. Apple has incorporated a few nice polishes. I’m currently testing the new Professional Quality encoding setting, but it’s time-consuming: putting together a long enough movie to bunch up against the 2-hour limit so I can then burn at High Quality and at Professional Quality. Now is when I wish I had an 8-core Mac Pro to do some background encoding versus my not-really-pokey-at-all 2.33 GHz MacBook Pro! Ah well. I have plenty of other things to do while iMovie exports.

Here’s a taste of the first part of the article, which seems to be generating the most comments so far:

If you watch Apple’s webcast of its August 7 product announcements for news of iDVD ’08, it may take you longer to jump ahead to that point in Steve Jobs’ presentation (the 54-minute mark or so) than the 33 seconds Jobs spends on the DVD-authoring component of iLife ’08 (Best Current Price: $69.98). That gives you a clue to how important DVD creation has become at Apple.

“For people who still want to make DVDs,” Jobs concludes the iDVD segment, “we’re going to make it better with iDVD in iLife ’08.”

So it’s clear that Apple is pushing its revamped .Mac service as the preferred way to share video content, but not everyone has speedy broadband Internet access or is willing to pay $100 for a yearly .Mac subscription. And while iDVD ’08 isn’t nearly as revolutionary as the other iLife ’08 applications, the few changes to the program are welcome.

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