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Projects Project Projects!

The past few months have been some of the busiest of my professional life, mostly due to a confluence of deadlines that I expected would be spread out over a longer period of time. But since I mostly write about Apple and the Mac, I never know when new products are going to hit. In ...


Long Hours

Midnight Pavoni Rendezvous Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson On Saturday, I planned on going to bed at the same time as Kim and get a good night’s rest. We spent the day with family, watching my 2 year old niece for a few hours and then having dinner at my sister’s house. She lives in ...


NBC Yanking TV Shows from iTunes

Macworld: iTunes Store to stop selling NBC shows in September NBC: “Thanks to Apple and iTunes, we’re making money we otherwise wouldn’t have made, so now we’re greedy bastards.” I suppose some people might be compelled to try the new Fox/NBC service, which I read somewhere will require that you’re online to watch. But ...


Do I ever have my work cut out for me

Last week, Apple dropped a bomb I knew was going to arrive at the most inconvenient time: the release of iLife ’08. For the last few years, the peak event for my professional life has been Macworld Expo in January, where Apple typically announces new hardware and software. One of my major book projects has ...


Voicemail QuickStart Guide

  Apple TV Pr0n    Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. My wonderful copyeditor on my current book project made a funny side comment in email asking if I could explain her cell phone company some day in the same way that I describe how to do things in my books (embarrassingly, that page hasn’t been ...


My Apple TV Review at Seattle Times

Instead of a regular Practical Mac column this week, I reviewed the Apple TV: Computer, television learning to get along. Despite my few reservations, the Apple TV is compelling because Apple has done the living room right. The quality of the experience stands out the most, supported by the overall polish and attention to detail ...


NBC show ‘Conviction’ pilot debuts on iTunes, for free

NBC has released the pilot of it’s new show Conviction at the iTunes Music Store for free. What a great way to build buzz for a show. I’m grabbing it not only because I like the idea, but because my wife is a Law & Order: SVU fan. We may have to hunker over the ...


Highly Recommended: Michael Rubin’s DroidMaker

I’m almost finished reading Michael Rubin’s DroidMaker, a fascinating history of how, essentially, George Lucas is largely responsible for much of the editing and computer graphics technology we use and see at the movies. I talked with Michael at Macworld Expo a bit about writing the book; after having collected snippets of information over the ...


My Final Cut Express HD review at has just published my review of Final Cut Express HD. It’s a good revision, though less compelling for people who already use Final Cut Express and don’t plan on working in HDV. But I was happy to see that the iMovie support has improved: Final Cut Express HD also features improved iMovie project import, ...


My Seattle Times column on Apple-Intel

My Practical Mac column in the Seattle Times today takes an overview look at Apple’s decision to shift to Intel processors: What’s in store for Macs with Intel processor inside.