Long Hours

Midnight Pavoni Rendezvous
Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson

On Saturday, I planned on going to bed at the same time as Kim and get a good night’s rest. We spent the day with family, watching my 2 year old niece for a few hours and then having dinner at my sister’s house. She lives in Bremerton, a little over an hour away (either by ferry or by driving around Puget Sound), so as a result we didn’t get home until about 11:30. Still, that was the earliest I’d been to bed all week by about 3 hours.

I’m spending most of my time updating my iMovie/iDVD Visual QuickStart Guide (the new edition isn’t yet listed at Amazon), which is more work this time around because iMovie ’08 is a completely new video-editing program. I’m starting to warm up to the changes Apple made, and realizing that this version is deeper than I expected it to be (which means more work for me to suss out those depths).

I’m also helping to update a colleague’s book in roughly the same timeframe. And since Adobe just released Photoshop Elements 6, the update to the Elements Visual QuickStart Guide is in the mix, too. Sprinkle a few article assignments in there as well.

But why should work occupy all of my attention? Why not do something really out of the ordinary, like have hardwood floors installed in our house (finally)? Heck, I might as well start a family while I’m at it.

This explains why my trusty La Pavoni espresso maker pictured here has become a reliable friend late at night and early every morning. I’m not complaining (much), because I did say yes to all of these projects. It’s fun in that overwhelming sort of way. I just don’t know where September and October went.

  1. How do your La pavoni espresso maker? I’m in the market for a new one because my trusty Krups just crapped out on me. I’m looking for an upgrade but can’t decide which brand/model I should choose. Let me know if you have any advice.


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