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A Golden Day for Apple

Today’s Apple media event wasn’t specifically about gold, but you couldn’t escape it. From the $10,000+ gold Apple Watch Edition to the new gold-colored, redesigned MacBook, Apple made a point of demonstrating just why these products should command your interest and your money. Read the article I wrote about the event for here: Apple ...


Samsung Galaxy Alpha Design, or the Powerlessness of Not Saying No

Over the weekend, John Gruber linked to an article at The Verge titled, “The Galaxy Alpha is Samsung’s most beautiful phone ever.” The point was to note how Samsung has once again copied Apple’s industrial design. True, the Galaxy Alpha isn’t an exact copy of the iPhone 5s, but telltale design elements—like the chamfered edges ...


New Articles: Lightroom mobile 1.1 and Adobe Photoshop Mix

Coinciding with the latest announcements from Adobe, two articles of mine were published this morning. Lightroom mobile 1.1 For my first article at, I looked at Lightroom mobile 1.1. On the surface it appears to be an incremental update that delivers iPhone compatibility (which Adobe promised was coming when Lightroom mobile came out in ...


Why Do Big Magazines Hire Hacks for Big Tech Stories?

Given the many little flubs in this exclusive interview of Jonathan Ive for Time Magazine (originally published in The Sunday Times Magazine), I figured an over-the-top headline for this post was warranted. Let me set up a couple guideposts. First, getting an exclusive interview with Apple’s Vice President of Design Jonathan Ive, especially one that ...


Quick, Switch to iTunes

Which is which? Apple’s icon design is awfully blue and round lately. I still have trouble identifying iTunes in the app switcher while I’m working.


Top 10 iOS Apps for Designers

My friends at HOW Magazine asked me to write up my picks for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps for designers, which is now posted at HOWdesign: “Top 10 iOS Apps for Designers“. The list includes essentials such as OmniGraffle for iPad and ColorExpert, as well as utilities such as GoodReader and 1Password Pro. You’ll ...


TidBITS Redesign Is Now Live!

This has been a long time coming, and now I’m happy to announce that the redesigned Web site for TidBITS is now live. The backend was built by Glenn Fleishman, I did the graphics and HTML/CSS, and publishers Adam and Tonya Engst herded Glenn and I. We’ll be talking more about the redesign in TidBITS ...


Web Design for Print Designers – Resources

My second presentation at the HOW Design Conference was “Web Design for Print Designers.” Here are a list of resources I mentioned. My apologies if you looked for this last night; I ended up crashing hard at about 9 pm (the first night I’ve slept more than about 5 hours in too many days)! A ...


Wrangling Fonts Presentation Links

At the HOW Design Conference today, I gave a presentation called “Wrangling Your Fonts.” Here is a list of resources that I mentioned (or didn’t mention but found useful). “Avoid the Most Common Mac OS X Font Mistake,” by Sharon Zardetto Aker; TidBITS, 2006-05-29 Take Control of Mac OS X Fonts, by Sharon Zardetto Aker ...


Patron Saints of Graphic Design

Designer W. Lynn Garrett has identified the six Patron Saints of Graphic Design, with beautiful accompanying artwork (which you can purchase). No surprise, Saint Anxieté (“Martyr, Patron of Impossible Deadlines & Foamy Coffee”) is one of my favorites: This thirteenth-century domestic servant worked for two generations of the wealthy Asap family, who were often annoyed ...