Category: Design


Slate Redesign

I hit Slate just now and see that they’ve done a redesign; a horrendously bad redesign. I thought at first that the CSS stylesheet hadn’t yet loaded, but that’s the new look.


Bionic Office

I’m drooling at the design, the implementation, and most of all the thought that went into the new offices for Fog Creek Software, as related by Joel Spolsky in Bionic Office. How often do you see something and say, “Wow, they really get it“? Beautiful.


Cabin Design

The cabin where we stayed on our vacation last week, called Siskun Song, is gorgeous. “Cabin” almost feels like the wrong word, since this is really a nice large house that’s rented out as a cabin. The main room features wood floors, a high angled ceiling lined with fir or pine, and lots of big ...