Crea un film con iMovie HD e iDVD!

iMovie VQJ ItalianToday’s mail brought a wonderful surprise: two copies of my Making a Movie in iMovie HD and iDVD 5 in Italian! The book shares the same layout as the original, but sports different dimensions: 5 1/2 by 7 3/8 inches, which feels like a good reference-book size. It’s priced at 12 euros.

One reason I’m excited is that I usually don’t know if a book of mine will be translated into another language until a few copies arrive in the mail. But this is also my first Italian translation, following editions of this book and my original iMovie 2 VQS in French, plus Japanese and Spanish translations of the Web Design Graphics series I co-wrote for Rockport Publishers. These aren’t big money-makers for me (I’ll see some percentage of the sale of the international translation rights), but that’s okay, because I still get a thrill out of seeing my work in other languages.

Grazi to the editor (and translator?) Arnoldo Mondadori, and to the folks at Peachpit’s international edition department.

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