It’s a Book! First Copy of My “iPad Pocket Guide”!

It's a Book! iPad Pocket Guide, by Jeff CarlsonMy prolific friend David Blatner started a tradition in the office we once shared. Whenever he published a new book (which is still pretty often) and received his first author copy, he’d bring it around to someone else’s desk and say, “It’s a book!”

Now that I’ve published dozens of books myself, I still do the same thing when that first copy arrives—like today’s delivery of my iPad Pocket Guide! It’s really quite satisfying to have the fruit of a lot of hard work arrive as a tangible thing.

(I’m not contrasting that with digital books, by the way. Receiving the first final PDF of my Take Control of Your iPhone Apps book made me giddy, too.)

Getting the first author copy means the book is probably a week away from being available on, Barnes &, and on store shelves.

  1. I just got an iPad and purchased this book. Where can I go to get more info on composing/sending email messages? The section in the book did not address my problem. Rather than use the mail app on the home page I want to go directly into yahoo and email from there because that is where my list of contacts is at. However when I tap in the message area of the screen to begin composing the keyboard will not come up.
    Also, how can I get my yahoo contacts/address book to come up when I tap the mail key on the home page?
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Hi Tammy,
    You can set up the Mail app so that it works with your Yahoo account. Did you follow the steps on page 73 to set up the account in Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars? That will give you options to sync your mail and contacts. This article may help, too:
    Otherwise, you may want to just access Yahoo’s Web mail using Safari instead of setting up the Mail app to do it.
    I hope this helps,


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