Recently on PhotoActive, Episodes 59-61

Kirk McElhearn and I have started 2020 with some great episodes of the PhotoActive podcast, if you’ll indulge my immodesty. As a reminder, PhotoActive is published every two weeks, and you can subscribe in your favorite podcast player or go to



  • Episode 59: Luminar 4 and Its AI Emphasis. We’ve talked about several photo editing applications in the past, and in this episode we turn our attention toward Luminar 4 (and not just because one of us has a forthcoming book about it). Skylum has overhauled Luminar in significant ways for version 4, with an emphasis on AI features that save a lot of time and effort on your part.
  • Episode 60: Machine Learning with Andrius Gailiunas and Pixelmator Pro. On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Andrius Gailiunas of Pixelmator to talk about machine learning and how it powers some of the features in Pixelmator Pro. In particular, we’re impressed with ML Super Resolution, a way to enlarge photos beyond their original dimensions while retaining quality and crispness.
  • Episode 61: Choosing What to Photograph. A listener in the PhotoActive Facebook group asks a great question, “How do I choose a subject to shoot?” In this episode, Kirk and Jeff explore how they approach a scene, with groups of photos from deliberate photo shoots that seek to answer that question.
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