Take Control of Your Digital Storage Updated

My book Take Control of Your Digital Storage has just been updated to version 1.1. The 127-page ebook answers your questions about SSDs, hard drives, NAS, and more on the Mac. As I wrote when the book first appeared:

Hang on. Did he just say storage?? You better believe it. You probably don’t think too much about digital storage day-to-day, but when something goes wrong or you find yourself in need of more capacity, storage suddenly becomes more important. As I can attest, however, the solution is no longer as simple as “buy a new hard drive” to deal with the situation. That’s partly why I wrote and just published Take Control of Your Digital Storage, an ebook focusing on all your Mac storage questions.

This 1.1 update updates the section on Apple’s APFS file system, which is now required to run the latest versions of macOS. Catalina, in particular, added a new wrinkle this year: the startup disk is now actually two volumes behind the scenes, one for the system and another for data. In everyday use, you won’t notice, but if you need to troubleshoot or view the disk in Disk Utility, things can look confusing. Version 1.1 of the book demystifies what’s going on. I also added a bunch of illustrations to explain how APFS and Mac OS Extended operate.

(I also wrote about APFS in this TidBITS article: What APFS Does for You, and What You Can Do with APFS.)

Take Control of Your Digital Storage 1.1 costs just $12.99, and if you already own the 1.0 version, this is a free update. Sign in to your Take Control account to get the updated version.

While you’re at the Take Control site, also pick up a few other recently-updated titles, such as Glenn Fleishman’s Take Control of Slack, Joe Kissell’s Take Control of Automating Your Mac, Robyn Wisman’s Take Control of Your Browser, and my own Take Control of Your Digital Photos, Second Edition.

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