Interview with Pro Photographer Brian Ach

This one has some history.

I bumped into professional photographer Brian Ach at a photo conference in Seattle in 2015, and we bonded over a display of early digital cameras. Brian was a featured speaker at the event, and I was struck by his expertise and experience as a full-time professional photographer. Brian shoots celebrities, high-profile events, and much more. For example, he was Prince’s European tour photographer.

We also talked a bit about workflow, and it struck me how different his way of working is from most of us who shoot casually, or on weekends, or during photo workshops. A couple of years later, after I’d written my first article for DPReview, I pitched the idea of interviewing Brian to see what average photographers could learn from a professional’s workflow. They liked the pitch, I interviewed Brian over the phone, and then we all got busy with higher-priority projects.

This is the joy of an evergreen topic. I ended up writing the article in August 2018. DPReview, as you know if you’ve spent time on the site, includes an enormous amount of timely content, every week. So the article was held aside as other more timely pieces were prioritized. Now, April 2019, I’m thrilled to share that it’s seeing the light of day.

Brian was a great interview subject, and even if you pick up a camera only occasionally, you’ll learn a lot about good photo workflow and technique by reading this article. Here’s the opening:

As photographers, most of our focus is on capturing images—finding good material and getting shots with all the gear we’ve spent so much time and money accumulating—but what happens next? For a lot of us, we download the images to a computer and edit a handful that catch our eye, and then… well, there are more photo shoots to pursue. Maybe we’ll apply some keywords, perhaps mark a few favorites, but too often the photos we worked so hard to create are just dumped onto a hard disk and forgotten. We know we should do better, but who has the time?

Professional photographers, that’s who.

Read the article here: Secrets of a professional photographer’s workflow: Brian Ach.

And here’s his presentation from PIX2015, that event in Seattle:

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