How to Be Smart about Applying Apple Updates

After two friends were bit hard by Apple updates, I wrote about best practices to help ensure iOS and macOS updates go smoothly in my latest Seattle Times column.

A couple friends got bit by the latest iOS update, hard. One can no longer use Apple Pay and the other has slowed down his iPhone XR so much that it’s almost unusable. With millions of devices in the wild, these edge cases are going to happen, and often you don’t know what will trigger it. (I’ve updated several devices to iOS 12.2 without issue, by contrast.)

Although I can’t offer direct help in those cases, they did inspire me to write about updates in my latest Seattle Times Practical Mac column. In it, I offer advice for turning off automatic updates and making sure you have a solid backup right before applying any update. Read the column here: How to be smart about applying Apple updates.

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[Photo: Apple]

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