Strategies to Free Storage on Your Mac

In my most recent Practical Mac column for the Seattle Times, I write about storage: what happens when your Mac starts to get filled up? You don’t have to reflexively start deleting files or find another location for them. With enough iCloud storage, the Mac can do a lot of the space-saving for you.

I also ran into an issue where macOS told me I had enough free space to do something (make a backup of my iPhone), but iTunes balked because it disagreed. The culprit was a set of invisible snapshots that were taking up a lot of storage, and iTunes not being smart enough (!) to recognize them properly.

Read the column here: Try these strategies to free storage on your Mac.

Take Control of Your Digital StorageAnd to learn much more about storage, don’t forget to pick up a copy of my book Take Control of Your Digital Storage. It goes into more detail about the APFS filesystem, storage solutions, NAS disks, and more.

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