Sticking with Lightroom 6? How to Use New Camera Raw Files

If an Adobe subscription plan isn’t your thing, you can hang onto Lightroom 6 and still use the raw files from new, unsupported cameras.

As I’ve written elsewhere recently, some photographers just don’t want to pay for software as an ongoing subscription. There are plenty of alternatives to Lightroom, but switching to one from Lightroom can be a giant undertaking. And some people are perfectly happy with Lightroom 6, the last standalone version that Adobe sells.

However, as of the end of 2017, Lightroom 6 is no longer being updated or supported. It still works, but there’s a catch: it won’t be able to read raw files from new cameras.

There’s a way forward, however, which I describe at Complete Digital Photography: add a step to your workflow and use Adobe’s free DNG Converter utility to create DNG (digital negative) format files that Lightroom will read and edit.

Read all about it here: Using DNG Converter with Lightroom 6 and New Cameras.

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