Tips on Location Shooting in Digital Photographer UK Magazine

What do you do when a photographer steps into your frame on location? In the latest issue of Digital Photographer magazine, I provide some advice.

Friends in the UK, the latest issue of Digital Photographer magazine is out and includes a page featuring advice from me on how to deal with other photographers on location. If you spot a copy on newsstands or you subscribe to the magazine, post it on Twitter and tag me at @jeffcarlson.

I came to their attention after I wrote a column for about photographer etiquette. In the short interview, I talk about dealing with people who get in your shot, respecting territory, and being mindful of the shooting environment.

The piece is accompanied by three of my photos where other photographers appear. The one at Sparks Lake in Oregon inspired the original column, while in the other two, I deliberately included the photographers in the shots (to show the scale of the trees and to give a sense of how many people came out for a sunrise at Pittock Mansion in Portland).

Click the page to view a PDF with more resolution:


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  1. Very enjoyable and helpful read, Jeff. Thanks for sharing.


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