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I appeared on Clockwise again this week, a great 30-minute podcast where four people offer their opinions on four technology topics. I love Clockwise because it’s so easily digestible, and the topics are always interesting.

For this episode, 172: Serial iPhone Killer, we discussed the upcoming Nintendo Switch gaming platform, Twitter security challenges for the White House, the death of the Vine video service, and the changing face of Apple support. I was joined by hosts Jason Snell and Dan Moren, as well as the multi-talented Alex Cox. Go have a listen!

Late last week I talked to David Sparks and Katie Floyd for the Mac Power Users podcast about iPhone photography. I’ve known David for years in the Mac world and from Macworld Expos past, and follow his great site MacSparky.

David recently took a bold step: sold all of his camera gear and now uses the iPhone 6s Plus as his only camera. In this MPU episode, we talk about how feasible that is, the tradeoffs and advantages, and also focus a lot on how everyone can improve their iPhone photography. It’s a topic we could have discussed for hours—we didn’t even get to photo management, which would be a good followup episode—but I think we covered a lot of ground. Check it out (and subscribe to the podcast) at Mac Power Users #324.


This week I was a guest of Gene Steinberg’s at The Tech Night Owl radio show, where we talked about my new book Photos for OS X and iOS, Apple’s Photos app and its photography ecosystem, the Apple Watch and my Apple Watch: a Take Control Crash Course book, as well as the timely topic of Google turning itself into Alphabet.

Listen to the episode here (MP3): The Tech Night Owl Live – August 15, 2015

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The Committed Podcast

Speaking of my Photos for OS X and iOS book, one of the highlights of my week so far was talking to Ian Schray, Rob Griffiths, and Kirk McElhearn this morning for The Committed podcast about Photos for OS X. We cover the strengths and weaknesses of Photos for OS X and Photos for iOS, handling photos, and a great stretch about working with photo edits among all your devices.

Go listen here: Episode 92: “Foolish Consistency”. And subscribe to the podcast!

If you like the work I do, please consider signing up for my low-volume newsletter that I use to announce new projects, items, and giveaways that I think my readers would be interested in.

Macvoices photos book2

Chuck Joiner invited me to talk about Apple’s Photos for OS X app and my new book, Photos for OS X and iOS. During a conversation where I think I forgot to give Chuck any chance to talk, we covered iCloud Photo Library, why it was time to move on from iPhoto, and how Aperture users can look forward to the next version of Photos that ships with OS X El Capitan.

Check it out here: MacVoices #15156: Jeff Carlson Discusses Photos for OS X and iOS.


Becoming steve jobs 100573238 large

Have you read Becoming Steve Jobs, the latest biography of Apple’s late founder? I chatted with Glenn Fleishman, Susie Ochs, and Leah Yamshon for the Macworld Podcast about the book, Steve Jobs, and a few other newsy topics. The book is good; go read it, and listen to the podcast first: Join our ‘Becoming Steve Jobs’ book club!

Following my appearance last week on Chuck Joiner’s podcast, he invited me back to talk specifically about the Apple Watch (have you heard of it yet?) and my brand-new book Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course.

We had a great conversation that went beyond just what the watch is good for and whether it will be a success.

Watch or listen to it here: Jeff Carlson Gives a Crash Course on Apple Watch.

Broadcast thumbnail clockwise artworkI joined hosts Jason Snell and Dan Moren, and co-guest Christina Bonningham, on this week’s episode of the Clockwise podcast. We talked about workspaces, the Microsoft Band and other wearables, VR goggles (will VR ever break into the mainstream?), and my topic, the uncanny valley of personal digital assistants like Siri making human-like expressions.

I love the format of Clockwise: Four people chime in on four topics for 30 minutes, plus a bonus question at the end. Too many podcasts are 90 minutes of rambling that I just don’t have time for, even if there’s some good content in there somewhere. Jason and Dan are great hosts, and respect their listeners’ time.