Seattle Times Column: MacBook Pro, Calendar Spam, AirPort Flight

In my latest Practical Mac column in the Seattle Times, I outline (in a more concise version than what I posted previously) why the perceived MacBook Pro limitations—RAM, price, etc.—didn’t stop me from ordering one to replace my aging 2010 MacBook Pro. I also offer a solution for stopping iCloud calendar spam and note Apple’s apparent abandonment of its AirPort line of wireless routers.

Read it here: MacBook Pro issues didn’t keep me away.

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  1. Jeff, what would you recommend as a good resource for instructions, etc. on using LR Mobile on an Ipad Pro (just bought a 256 GB 9.7, am traveling a lot and want to use it for basic editing–and secondary storage–while traveling; am not totally steeped in LR so my editing would be not terribly sophisticated.) Your book seems a bit out of date….?


    1. Hi Cecily,

      Good question. My ebook is definitely out of date, but Peachpit continues to sell it. Right now, although I haven’t seen it personally, I’d suggest you take a look at Scott Kelby’s Lightroom Mobile Book.



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