Open iMovie iOS Projects in iMovie on the Mac

At last, it’s possible to take a movie you’ve edited in iMovie on an iPad or iPhone and bring it to iMovie on the Mac and pick up where you left off. Serenity Caldwell at iMore explains how to do it.

This is a capability iMovie had quite a while ago that disappeared with iMovie 9 on the Mac, I believe. I never understood why Apple was putting so many resources into iMovie on iOS—which can now edit 4K video shot by the iPhone 6s—and yet blocking the pipeline by limiting editing to just the mobile device. I’m pretty sure the impetus now is making sure people who edit video on the forthcoming iPad Pro will be able to start cutting projects on the iPad and then finish in iMovie or Final Cut Pro X on the Mac.

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  1. So, has Apple abandoned iMovie 9 as it moves toward 4K? My latest version of El Capitan 10.11.3 seems to have a problem…black in the preview monitor and black output. Thoughts? Thanks


    1. Yeah, I think Apple has abandoned it. The last update was three years ago.


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