Smith Rocks Sunrise

Smith Rocks Sunrise

When I wrapped up the Oregon Wonders Photo Workshop in October, I had to quickly jump back into several ongoing projects, including updating my books about OS X Mavericks and the newest iPads. I took solace in the fact that winter would give me an opportunity to go through the shots.

This week has been cold and rainy in Seattle, perfect conditions for traversing my Lightroom library and working on photos from that great trip. I don’t have the luxury of being able to devote all my time to editing photos—oh, if only I did—but I am making sure I don’t ignore them entirely.

This photo comes from a fun sunrise photo shoot at Smith Rocks near Terrebonne, Oregon. I was afraid that a week of early pre-dawn mornings would be a disaster for me, a notorious night owl, but anticipating lovely morning light like this is enough to get me moving. (And coffee. Dear heavens, you can’t forget the coffee.) The sun comes up behind where I was standing, frosting the tops of the rocks at first and then pushing the shadows down.

Here are a couple more photos from that morning. Also take a look at images by my fellow workshoppers David, June, Jack, Garrett, Mason, Kathy, and Dianne.

The river and its reflection made for a nice vertical composition:

Smith Rock Sunrise

Here are the rocks at left, shot from a different location:

Smith Rock Sunrise 2

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