Split Raw+JPEG Files on the iPad

If you shoot Raw+JPEG in anticipation of working with the photos on your iPad (as I recommend in my book), you’re bound to run into the problem of storage. Raw files occupy a lot of space, and are mostly ignored when working with images on the iPad. In his latest Practicing Photographer video at Lynda.com, photographer Ben Long (who has one of the best voices on the Internet, I swear) demonstrates how to use the app PhotosInfoPro to “split” the raw file from the JPEG for each image, enabling you to delete the raw files and keep the JPEGs. (Make sure you keep the raw files on your memory card, of course.)

Benlong raw jpeg lynda photosinfopro

The video is free until the next episode is posted, so check it out now while it’s still online. Or, you can read about how to do it at the Lynda.com blog.

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  1. Now that the new ios versions don’t support PhotosInfoPro what do people use to split JPEG and RAW. I’d really like to delete some of the RAW and keep the JPEGS on the iPad


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