Article on Making Money from Web Videos

Scott Kirsner (of CinemaTech fame) has an article in today’s New York Times about several people who are making money (anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $25,000+) by posting their videos on sites that pay for popularity: All the World’s a Stage (That Includes the Internet). When their video reaches a set number of views, or an ad appended to the end of a video garners a set number of clicks, the sites pay a commission.

As video sites look for ways to attract higher-quality content, they are dangling cash, usually offering to cut creators in on the advertising revenue their work generates.

Revver, the Los Angeles company that pioneered the practice, shows a still-frame ad at the end of a video, and funnels money to the creator every time a viewer clicks on the ad to visit the advertiser’s Web site. Metacafe inserts a similar still-frame graphic at the end of a clip; it pays creators $100 when their video has been viewed 20,000 times, and $5 for every 1,000 additional views.

Scott has also recently updated his “Getting Paid” chart of companies that pay for user-generated video content. And since I’m basically shilling for him, check out Scott’s book (either in print or electronic format) The Future of Web Video.

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