Spiderbrace Stabilizes Your Camera

BoingBoing points to the Spiderbrace Video Camera Stabilizer, a $70 device that attaches to your video camera to stabilize the image.

Digital video camcorders have opened up a whole new world of creative possibilities for today’s independent filmmaker. However, despite all its advantages, the DV camcorder has presented videographers with one obvious problem: the absence of a proper shoulder mount (for hand held shooting) at an affordable price.

Consider the problem solved. Introducing the Spiderbrace Shoulder Support, a rig which offers optimal camera support at a price that’s hard to beat. Crafted from sturdy PVC plastic, the SBSS is lightweight and comfortable, yet tough enough to withstand years of professional field testing. In addition to these fine qualities, the Spiderbrace is now collapsable — the ideal rig for the traveling professional.

There’s also a $55 Mini-Rig that has one handhold.

I don’t know that this is something I’d want to take on vacation with me, but if I were shooting little features or weddings or events, the Spiderbrace could be very helpful.

  1. There’s a home-built steadycam design that has multiple uses, check out their site: http://www.StabilizerFLEX.com


  2. I much prefer the Steadybrace XR from Steadybrace.com… and it is cheaper.


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