More Cameras: HDV Hits Its Stride

When Steve Jobs declared 2005 the “year of high-definition video,” there wasn’t much available to shoot consumer HD, and the only HDV camera at the time (the Sony HDR-FX1) cost $4,000. Now it’s 2007, and the number of HDV camcorders has gotten larger while the prices have started to come down. has published an article looking at 12 HDV cameras available now: “HDV Hits Its Stride.” If you’re thinking that this is the year to move into high-def, it’s definitely worth checking out. (Via

  1. Hey Jeff
    Thanks for linking to this article. I’m in the market for a new HD camera and found this article especially interesting. There’s also a nice, extensive review (more oriented towards consumers) on Media 3.0:
    The reviewer recommends a Sony HDR-HC1 as his first choice (even though they aren’t making it anymore).


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