Travel Coffee

I spent the weekend at my mom’s farm in California, visiting family and friends and getting ready to hit Macworld Expo for the rest of this week. I’ve spent most of my non-socializing time working on the presentations I’m giving, which means I’ve been up late working…and drinking coffee.

Understand that the coffee situation here is much different than in Seattle. Starbucks is the quality alternative in Dixon (unless there’s some gem I’m not aware of), and even so, Mom’s farm is several miles outside of town. So I’ve been sucking down cups of some caramel-flavored drip coffee.

At home, I freely admit, I turn up my coffee-snob nose at Starbucks because there’s so much better coffee nearby: Fremont Coffee Company, Vivolo Coffee Roasters, Caffe Ladro… and that’s just within three blocks of my office. But that’s not the case on the farm.

And that’s okay.

For some reason, my taste buds recalibrate themselves for my location, and this flavored coffee is pretty darn tasty. Given that I’ll be at a trade show all week, this might even be the high point of coffee. (I need to check the forums to see if people have any good nearby espresso recommendations.) Although, to be honest, my taste buds didn’t do a good calibrating job when I was in Humboldt, Tennessee. Starbucks became an oasis!

  1. Wow.. i’ve never see that Macworld Expo, how i wish i could visit that place son.


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