Stumptown Coming to Seattle!

  Removing Grounds During Cupping (BW) 
  Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

Portland’s best coffee roaster looks to be opening a shop in Seattle, according to Seattle Weekly. A few days ago I learned (and tasted) that Cafe Verité in Ballard is using Stumptown beans.

I also see from the Weekly that Victrola’s second store is about to open (with a bit of drama behind the scenes).

It’s good to be a coffee lover in Seattle.

(The image was taken by Kim at the Stumptown Annex in Portland.)

  1. Hey…just googled “stumptown seattle” and saw your site. Just wanted you to know that ZuKafe in downtown Edmonds was the first Stumptown wholesale account in the Puget Sound area. We’ve been open for almost a year and have gained a loyal following as we educate the local population on the differences between amazing coffee and places like charbucks or drive-thru coffee. We have a Synesso and we French press all of our “drip.” We also only use organic milk products, Dagoba chocolate (for syrups and chocolate drinks), Rishi Tea (organic whole leaf). Anyhoo…if you’re up in our neck of the woods, check us out. Thanks!


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