New Sony HDV Camcorders

I figure I may as well blog before I get sucked into the insanity of Macworld on Tuesday. (I’m also preparing for my presentations, which is what has me tied to my computer.) The folks at Engadget and Gizmodo are working overtime to report from CES. Now, we learn that Sony is going to release four HDV camcorders:

Whether you realize it or not, another format war is on the horizon. No, we’re not talking next-gen optical; this time we’re talking about consumer level cameras storing HD footage. HDV is the older kid on the block, using MiniDV tapes, but last year Sony, Panasonic and some others started championing the MPEG-4 based AVCHD format for consumers. Now, Sony’s hedging it’s bets by releasing two new AVCHD cams, and two HDV cams. Sony’s UX model HD cams record to DVD and use the AVCHD standard, while the HC series supports HDV and records to MiniDV. The heavyweights, the HDR-UX7and the HDR-HC7, rock out with three megapixel CMOS sensors for vid and take six megapixel stills stored on MemoryStickDuo Pro. They’ve also got microphone inputs, perfect for you budding Uwe Boll’s out there. Meanwhile, the lighter weight HDR-UX5 and HDR-HC7 have a weaker CMOS with two megapixels for vids and a four megapixels for stills, plus they’re sans mic-in.

No pricing or availability seems to be available yet. But this is a good sign that HD is coming down in price for those of us without big bucks.

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