‘Eat at Bill’s’ by Lisa Brenneis

In 2003, I edited Lisa Brenneis’s Final Cut Express for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide, which thrust me into the world of digital video editing beyond iMovie. Lisa, of course, is better known for her Final Cut Pro VQS, and knows both programs inside and out.

Back then, she mentioned a documentary project she was working on about the Monterey Market. As such projects go, I’d ask her about it every once in a while (such as when I’d run into her at Macworld Expo), and she’d say it was slowly progressing. Well, the movie is done: “Eat at Bill’s: Life in the Monterey Market” is available for sale as a DVD. Lisa and her husband grow oranges and sell them at the market; see this page for a gallery of labels she’s made.

Eat at Bill’s: Life in the Monterey Market is a video documentary about the phenomenon that is the Monterey Market, a family owned produce market in Berkeley, CA. The focus is on Bill Fujimoto, the market’s owner. Bill’s enthusiasm and experience fuel the enterprise and illuminate the Market’s wide world of small growers and diverse customers.

The Monterey Market’s single store supports many dozens of small (and formerly small) farms. Bill’s determination to support the maximum number of small growers and his passion for connecting customers with the very best has attracted a small army of restaurant customers. Bay Area chefs know the Monterey Market’s back room is the place to find the season’s finest.

Congratulations, Lisa!

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