Angry Liberal Guy Rant

Via Boing Boing, C.B. Shapiro writes about why there seem to be “angry liberals” (count me among them), making a list of exactly why he/we/I think that our country is in far worse shape than it was before the Bush administration:

I’ve compiled a short (and by no means complete) list just so I could see it all in one place:

I’m angry about the shredding of the constitution…illegal wiretaps…falsified intelligence…secret prisons… use of torture as an accepted means of interrogation…Terry Schiavo…the war on science…denial of Global Warming…the fascistic secrecy of our elected officials… presidential signings that declare the President above the law…the breakdown of the wall between church and state…the outing of a clandestine CIA agent for purely partisan political gain…the corrupting influence of K Street… the total sell-out of the legislative process to corporate interests… appointments of unqualified cronies at every level of government…Harriet Miers…Brownie…Abu Ghraib… Scooter …the complete mismanagement of the war in Iraq…the lies about the complete mismanagement of the war in Iraq…the grotesque budget deficits… the pathetic response to Katrina… a civil rights division dedicated to undermining civil rights…an environmental protection agency that refuses to protect the environment… (Take a breath, Angry Liberal Guy.)

One of the things that cuts me to the bone about Republican/conservative responses to, well, everything these days is that they throw out these nebulous projections: the liberals will give in to terrorists; Democrats will raise taxes and force straight people to marry gay people; whatever. It’s their only fallback argument, because they’re standing on a massive record of failure, which, having been in power the entire time in all areas of the government, is entirely their fault. Read that list above again. Those aren’t projections, they’re not what-if scenarios, they’re real, documented, colossal failures. When Bush became president in 2000, I distinctly remember saying that he was going to ruin the country, but that was bluster at the time. I had no idea I’d be so, so right.

  1. i’ve been in the middle of the road a long time. if agreeing to nearly all the items on your list makes me a liberal, then so be it. sign me up.


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