Catapult: Capture Video Direct to iPod

I’ve had only a few chances to absorb the news that’s coming out of NAB in Las Vegas. The RED camera (still in development) seems to be a big hit, especially if you’re reading the sleepless Mike Curtis’s HD for Indies blog. But if you’re not as excited about spending $17,500 for a cutting-edge HD digicam, perhaps this might interest you:

Catapult is the world’s first device to allow capture of video footage from DV or HDV video cameras directly to iPods or virtually any USB drive, and begin editing immediately. A battery powered device not much larger than a Blackberry, the Catapult eliminates the time consuming and tedious task of digitizing video footage.

The Catapult will be available in the second half of 2006 for less than $300 (which might mean $299, but hey). I hope to get my hands on a review unit, but in the meantime I wonder if an iPod is up to the task of capturing video for extended periods of time. The hard drive just isn’t designed for constant use, and it could burn out (you can boot up a Mac using an iPod, even the newest USB-only iPods, but it’s not a good idea for extended usage). But then again, the Catapult can connect to any USB drive; it just so happens that the iPod is the sexiest example.

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