The UPS guy just delivered an iCurve, an aqueous-looking laptop stand. I used to connect my PowerBook to a 17-inch Apple Studio Display (the old blue CRT, not the gorgeous newer LCD), but after the monitor died and I bought a PowerBook G4 Titanium (with its 15-inch widescreen), I figured I didn’t need an external monitor anymore. It’s worked out great so far, except that I find myself hunching more as I work. We ran a review in TidBITS about the iCurve and a couple other laptop stands (“The Laptop Stands, but Not Alone“), which served as the impetus to finally get one.

I’ll report on how I like it; for now, it feels really weird having my TiBook raised up high, but I’m sitting up straighter, which is the whole point.

(Also see two discussions in TidBITS-Talk related to the article: Laptop Stands and Laptop Ergonomics.)

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