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PhotoActive Episode 19: Michael Rubin

We talk to photographer and all-around interesting guy Michael Rubin for this week's episode about two great photos in his collection.

PhotoActive Episode 18: Katrin Eismann

In the current episode of the PhotoActive Podcast, we had a great conversation with photographer, educator, and author Katrin Eismann. She’s been present for almost the entire history of digital photography, including lugging a 12-pound external hard drive slung across her shoulders and tethered to the digital camera at the time. We discussed photographic literacy, ...

PhotoActive Episode 16: Buy and Sell Photo Gear

Do you buy or sell used photo gear? We talk about that on the latest PhotoActive podcast episode.


Adam Savage Laments Obvious Flaw in Modern Cameras

Adam Savage, one half of the Mythbusters duo, rants about a problem so obvious in digital photography that it’s amazing a solution isn’t out there: the difficulty of even “easy” point-and-shoot cameras. He should know, since he’s frequently asked to pose for photos. He writes: We have been inculcated with the idea that with a ...