Adam Savage Laments Obvious Flaw in Modern Cameras

Adam Savage, one half of the Mythbusters duo, rants about a problem so obvious in digital photography that it’s amazing a solution isn’t out there: the difficulty of even “easy” point-and-shoot cameras. He should know, since he’s frequently asked to pose for photos. He writes:

We have been inculcated with the idea that with a “simple” camera, we should be able to point it and push the button. The camera designers have other ideas, like your needing to hold the shutter button for two to five seconds. Who is expecting to have to do THAT? I can tell you who: nobody.

I know. I know. I can hear you saying, “But they’re only trying to take the best pictures!” And I get that. I do. I appreciate that.

But I get my pic taken with nearly everything you can imagine that has a camera in it. And most of them are mystifying to people not familiar with the device. This is a design travesty.

Go read the whole thing, where he also offers a pair of sensible suggested fixes. (The first part of the entry also rants against soap dispensers; he’s currently on tour, and running into circumstances like this every day.)

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