PhotoActive Episode 16: Buy and Sell Photo Gear

Do you buy or sell used photo gear? We talk about that on the latest PhotoActive podcast episode.

Do you hang on to old photo equipment, or do you sell the gear (to pay for new stuff)? What about buying used gear? In this week’s episode of the PhotoActive Podcast, Kirk and I talk about buying and selling gear: where to do it, pitfalls to avoid, and more.

Listen and subscribe here: Episode #16 – Buying and Selling Camera Gear.

Also, a few of quick notes about the podcast:

  • Even if you automatically get new episodes by subscribing in your favorite podcast app or player, or via this site, I encourage you to sign up for our PhotoActive mailing list. It’s a reminder of when new episodes appear, but it’s also what we’re using for upcoming giveaways. Last week, we announced that listener Russ G. is getting a copy of Chris Marquardt’s new book Wide-Angle Photography (from Episode 14).
  • Also, we love feedback and conversation at our PhotoActive Facebook group. Let us know how we’re doing, and if you have any subjects we should tackle.
  • Lastly, iTunes reviews and ratings are very important for helping podcasts thrive, so please leave us some stars and words in iTunes.

Thanks! We’re enjoying this podcast, and hope you do, too. Anything you can do to help us grow our audience—recommendations to friends and family, mentions on social media, offers to sponsor, or inviting Kirk and I onto your podcast—are greatly appreciated.

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