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MacCompanion Reviews iMovie/iDVD VQS

MacCompanion published a nice review of my iMovie 4 & iDVD 4 for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide: This is a comprehensive book that communicates the knowledge of integrating iMovie4 and iDVD and is a superb value for the price. It has great pictures of equipment and setups, screen shots of what to do ...


iChat AV Security Update

(I’m just coming off of a vacation, but thought this was worth mentioning.) Apple has released a security update that fixes a potential flaw in iChat that would let people launch programs on your machine if you clicked a link. MacCentral has a few more details.


iChat AV Tipsheet

Looking for some iChat AV tips? Peachpit has created an iChat AV Tipsheet with tips and tricks from my iChat VQS. Check it out! It’s a free 165K download (PDF).


iChat AV at 35K Feet

Apple says it’s conducted the first ground-to-air videoconference using iChat AV and the wireless high-speed broadband connection in a Lufthansa-owned Boeing 777 between Munich and San Francisco. Well, first “not counting Air Force One or other ultra-expensive solutions,” says Apple product manager Kurt Knight.


iChat AV 2.2 Public Beta is Out!

Hot on the heels of iChat AV 2.1: iChat AV 2.2 Public Beta Adds MSN Support. [Be sure to read the rest of the April 1, 2004 issue of TidBITS, too!]


iChat 2.1 beta

Apple has released a public beta of iChat 2.1, which makes it possible to engage in video and audio chats with Windows users running AIM 5.5. (Of course, I don’t know anyone using Windows and a Web cam, so I haven’t been able to test it yet.) iChat 2.1b also introduces a strange limitation: if ...


Coffee Boosts Stamina

A little coffee before your ride or workout can increase your stamina, according to an article at the BBC: <a title=" BBC NEWS | Health | Coffee ‘boosts exercise stamina'” href=””>Coffee ‘boosts exercise stamina’. That’s probably why I can get from Herkimer Coffee to the office so quickly on my bike! (It could also be ...


Cycling Sportsmanship

Excellent article in the L.A. Times about sportsmanship in cycling, especially the Tour de France: In Cycling, Winning With Honor Means Everything . It’s wonderful to see that this type of behavior still exists.


Good Eats

At Macworld Expo a couple weeks ago, my friend and author Dori Smith was showing off her Sony-Ericcson T68i phone, and she played a ring tone with the expectancy that I’d immediately recognize the tune. I failed. Looking at my confused expression, she said, “You know, Alton Brown!” Nothing – Alton Brown could have been ...


Hello World

Obligatory “Look out world, I have my own blog!” comment inserted here.