Shiny Foil Trademark

Shiny Foil Trademark
Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson

At the beginning of the year, I applied for a trademark on a logo I designed (which is the best-selling design at my Never Enough Coffee store). It involved a fair bit of time and paperwork (and some money, of course), along with a little back-and-forth from a very helpful trademark attorney at the US Patent and Trademark Office.

I didn’t expect to receive anything more than a perfunctory letter, but today I received an official Certificate of Registration printed on good paper and with a shiny foil USPTO stamp. (Yeah, I’ve been out of grade school for quite a long time and I still think shiny foil stickers are cool.)


  1. Hey Jeff! Love your graphic tee’s for “Not Enough Coffee” We would love to carry these in our new coffee house in Indiana…how ’bout that? Can you wholesale? Let me know..btw..Congrats on the new baby girl..she’s adorable! 🙂
    One more thing, The Itunes widget doesn’t work properly, you can’t copy and paste.
    -Tia Hoffman
    The Evelyn Bay Coffee Company, Valparaiso Indiana, Opening June 2008!


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