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iSight 1.0.2 Update

Apple has released iSight 1.0.2, an update which improves auto exposure, white balance, and overall performance to the camera. This is probably more relevant to iChat AV users, but remember that iMovie 4 can now use the iSight as a video input source.


Camera Roundup in NYTimes

The New York Times looks at a couple of digital camcorders and related devices in Cameras and Home Video: Capture an Image. Now, Run With It (free subscription required).



I’m currently working on a book about iChat AV, so I’ve got an iSight mounted on my PowerBook’s lid. While it works great as a webcam, it can double as a camcorder, too, using iRecordNow by Boinx. You can get a 1-day trial license, or purchase it for $15. Boinx also makes iStopMotion for filming ...


Wait, iSight CAN capture video

Apple says that the iSight can’t capture video to iMovie. Fair enough. However, Derrick Story at MacDevCenter has discovered a way to capture video that can then be imported into iMovie (or edited using QuickTime Player Pro). Using QuickTime Broadcaster (a free download), you can capture iSight video to disk, export the footage to DV ...


No Video from iSight

Apple’s new iSight video camera won’t capture video to iMovie, according to an Apple KnowledgeBase document. The iSight doesn’t output in the DV format that iMovie recognizes. However, you can use the iSight as a good-quality microphone to record voice-overs within iMovie. If you have a digital camcorder already, however, you don’t need a $150 ...