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I don’t know why I haven’t run across this before, but if you’re looking for a resource to help you choose which kind of camcorder to buy, check out


Canon XL2

When I was on vacation a couple years ago, I spied an older gentleman walking around with a Canon XL1. Although he may have been a more experienced shooter, I got the impression that the $3,500 camera was just his tourist gear: I envisioned this man as a wealthy executive telling his secretary to buy ...


New Canon DV Camcorders

Canon announced today two new compact DV camcorders: the Optura 500 and Optura 400. Tiny, attractive, and packed with megapixel goodness. The Optura 400 will sell for $1,000 and the Optura 500 will go for $1,200. Both feature 2.2 megapixel CCDs; the Optura 500 also sports a high-resolution 2.5 inch LCD, MPEG4 support, and USB ...


Lighting Course on DVD has released a DVD-based course on how to light your scenes: DV Enlightenment.


Canon Dropping Analog Camcorders

According to this article, Canon is switching to an all-digital lineup for its camcorders. It makes sense, given that it’s so easy now to import and edit video on most home computers. Analog camcorders have been attractive mostly for their price, but now digital camcorders are dropping into lower price brackets, too.


GPS for Video

When my wife and I went to Alaska, we shot a lot of video but didn’t always take good notes. Back at home, going through our footage, we had trouble identifying some of the glaciers (in some shots, they all looked the same), leading us to check the timestamp on the footage in iMovie, and ...


How to Build a $14 Steadicam

Dori points to a page on how to build a $14 Steadycam.


iSight 1.0.2 Update

Apple has released iSight 1.0.2, an update which improves auto exposure, white balance, and overall performance to the camera. This is probably more relevant to iChat AV users, but remember that iMovie 4 can now use the iSight as a video input source.


Camera Roundup in NYTimes

The New York Times looks at a couple of digital camcorders and related devices in Cameras and Home Video: Capture an Image. Now, Run With It (free subscription required).



I’m currently working on a book about iChat AV, so I’ve got an iSight mounted on my PowerBook’s lid. While it works great as a webcam, it can double as a camcorder, too, using iRecordNow by Boinx. You can get a 1-day trial license, or purchase it for $15. Boinx also makes iStopMotion for filming ...