NYTimes Review HDR-HC1

The only previous option for shooting HDV footage was Sony’s HDR-FX1, a good camera with a $3,500 price tag. In today’s New York Times, David Pogue reviews the HDR-HC1, a new, smaller Sony camcorder that shoots HDV: A Look Ahead at HDTV, Shot by You. The HC1 is much smaller, but also uses only one image sensor (like most consumer camcorders) instead of three (like the FX1, allowing it to capture better color fidelity). It also costs about $1700, which is considerably cheaper, but still not in the range of most people’s budgets. Stilll, it appears to be a pretty good camera. (Also see videogear.co.uk, a site I’ve linked to before the focuses on the HDR-HC1.)

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