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Behind the Scenes of Cool Sprint Ad

At the movie theater the other night, I saw a really cool ad for Sprint. What appear to be lots of people with flashlights draw all sorts of images, from flowers to giant fish to picture frames and more, all animated using stop-motion photography so that the flashlight beams meld together to create the shapes. ...


How to Purchase My Photos

Speaking of photos, the last post – plus a query from a friend – prompted me to point out that you can now purchase some of my photos, as either prints or fully framed. I wrote an article last year about printing photos for the Seattle Times (see the blog post here), and one of ...


Beautiful Seattle

  Ferry Leaving 2    Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson Just wanted to say that I live in a beautiful place. I was eyeing these clouds already downtown, but when I saw that the sun was punching through the clouds and a ferry was about to embark, I quickly found a parking spot under the ...


Still Life with Cheerios

  Still Life with Cheerios    Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. Because my dad said, "You should put this on your blog!" at dinner the other night. Photo by Jeff Carlson.Art direction by Larry Carlson.Cheerios courtesy of (and abandoned in favor of something more interesitng by) my niece Emma.


More Local Photo Exposure

  Eagle Grid    Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. Metroblogging Seattle featured my photo Eagle Grid on their site today. Seattle loves me. Okay, two Seattle blogs love me. All right, two Seattle blogs have liked a couple of my photos that I posted at their Flickr groups. Still. In other photo news, I shot ...


Back Up Data to Digital Camera

I contributed to a Macworld article that’s now available online: “Three for the road: Expert tricks for getting more from your Mac laptop.” My section talks about how to use the memory card in your digital camera (which these days are likely to be 1 GB or more) as an easy backup solution while you’re ...


Another Photo Featured on a Seattle Blog

  Dew    Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. Metroblogging Seattle featured my photo "Dew" on their site Thursday as visual accompaniment to a blog post. Metroblogging Seattle is one of a few Seattle-specific sites I track via an RSS news reader (I use NetNewsWire for Mac). As with Seattlest—where one of my photos appeared a ...


New: Photoshop Elements 5 VQS!

Okay, this is a bit belated, but I’ve been busy. My last big deadline in January was a bit of a departure for me: a book about a Windows program. Toward the end of last year, my editor at Peachpit Press asked if I’d be interested in updating an existing book. The original author wasn’t ...


Newborn Hair

  Newborn Hair    Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. Congratulations to our friends Agen and Parie, who now have a third person living in their house!


Seattlest Photo of the Day

  Reflected Sunset    Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson. Local-area blog Seattlest chose my photo "Reflected Sunset" as its photo of the day for March 16. I don’t know the name of the building, but it’s across from the bus-stop intersection at Second Ave and Jackson downtown, just behind the Seattle Lighting Company. If you’ve ...