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Five Hot New Features in Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows

Adobe announced Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows this week, and since I’m deep into working on the update to my Photoshop Elements Visual QuickStart Guide, I wrote an article for the Peachpit Web site about what’s new in Elements 7: Five Hot New Features in Photoshop Elements 7 for Windows. I talk about the integration ...



It’s now been over three months since my daughter was born, and I’m only now starting to feel like things are stabilizing. Not that she knocked anything out of whack, per se, but that everything is just different enough that I haven’t done some things – like update this blog. (I’ve been blogging about Ellie, ...


I Love Snow

Snow Branches Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson Not to the degree that I want to live in it and deal with a frozen, muddy February, nor even enough to go skiing. I just love it when it appears, as it did today in Seattle.


Shiny Foil Trademark

Shiny Foil Trademark Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson At the beginning of the year, I applied for a trademark on a logo I designed (which is the best-selling design at my Never Enough Coffee store). It involved a fair bit of time and paperwork (and some money, of course), along with a little back-and-forth from ...


Long Hours

Midnight Pavoni Rendezvous Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson On Saturday, I planned on going to bed at the same time as Kim and get a good night’s rest. We spent the day with family, watching my 2 year old niece for a few hours and then having dinner at my sister’s house. She lives in ...


Even More Autumn

I’m utterly swamped with deadlines and home renovation, but I snuck some photos of autumn leaves near where I parked at the office today. (Click to view the larger version)


I Love Autumn

Sunrise 09-Oct-07 Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson


Behind the Scenes of Cool Sprint Ad

At the movie theater the other night, I saw a really cool ad for Sprint. What appear to be lots of people with flashlights draw all sorts of images, from flowers to giant fish to picture frames and more, all animated using stop-motion photography so that the flashlight beams meld together to create the shapes. ...


How to Purchase My Photos

Speaking of photos, the last post – plus a query from a friend – prompted me to point out that you can now purchase some of my photos, as either prints or fully framed. I wrote an article last year about printing photos for the Seattle Times (see the blog post here), and one of ...