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Snakes on a Plane

Honestly, I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.


Oscars: No CG Nom

The Academy Awards Nominee List was announced today, and I see a notable omission: not a single computer-generated movie in the Animated Feature category. Instead, the nominees are Howl’s Moving Castle, mostly hand-drawn; Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, stop-motion; and Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, also stop-motion. I hope (but won’t hold ...


It’s Not the Computer Graphics

No surprise here. The New York Times reviews Disney’s Chicken Little and says: “Chicken Little” is the first Disney-produced computer-animated film, and its publicity material announces that the 3-D version being released in some theaters “has the distinction of ushering in a revolutionary new digital 3-D motion-picture viewing experience.” Cluck, cluck! It also has the ...


iChat Movie Review: The Island

Caught a preview screening of Michael Bay’s The Island, a Logan’s Run redux with Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson. I was just chatting about it with a friend and figured I’d offer an iChat movie review™. We’ll see how this works out. we saw The Island tonight. slick mostly dumb SPECTACULAR crashes Scarlett is purty ...


Saw the Sith

I finally got around to seeing Star Wars Episode III yesterday, and… I liked it. Seriously. It was a good, solid ending to the first trilogy, especially since the first two were less than… aw heck, they blew. One reason Ep3 was better, my wife and I agreed, is that it’s not encumbered by dialog. ...


Incredible Incredibles

My copy of The Incredibles 2-disc DVD set arrived today, and I spent all evening watching the movie and the extras. It dawned on me while watching the trailers why I enjoy this movie so much: it delivered. The trailers were great, and the movie turned out to be even better (and the trailers didn’t ...



Again, I love TiVo. I’m not even going to try to blog the Oscars in real-time, since I’m watching it about 10 minutes behind and will catch up by zapping past the commercials. But I’ve written at least something about the show for the last couple of years, so here’s my contribution. On the slightest ...


Giamatti Robbed by Academy

Just saw the list of this year’s Oscar nominees. Looks like an interesting year, except that Paul Giamatti got shut out of Best Actor category. That’s a shame. But nice to see his Sideways costars Thomas Haden Church (Supporting Actor) and Virginia Madsen (Supporting Actress) get nods. And The Incredibles for Best Original Screenplay! Okay, ...


Two Great Movies

Movies are so hit-and-miss lately that I wanted to share two excellent movies I’ve seen back to back. I caught a sneak preview of Sideways, which is easily one of the best films of the year. It has a well-rounded mix of humor and depression (since Paul Giamatti‘s Miles is truly a depressing character in ...


Okay, a Positive Movie Review

My wife was working late last night, so I stuck around at the office and watched Changing Lanes, a taut film starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Affleck (after seeing Paycheck, I wanted reassurance that Ben can do better with good material). The movie was very well directed, expertly acted, and kept me on the ...