It’s Not the Computer Graphics

No surprise here. The New York Times reviews Disney’s Chicken Little and says:

“Chicken Little” is the first Disney-produced computer-animated film, and its publicity material announces that the 3-D version being released in some theaters “has the distinction of ushering in a revolutionary new digital 3-D motion-picture viewing experience.” Cluck, cluck! It also has the distinction of being a terrible movie – a hectic, uninspired pastiche of catchphrases and clichés, with very little wit, inspiration or originality to bring its frantically moving images to genuine life.

I wrote about this in 2003 (The Future of Animation), and nothing seems to have changed. It doesn’t matter as much whether a movie is created in 2D or 3D — it’s the story that counts. And for some reason, the people working on these movies don’t get that. (It’s probably more accurate to say that the committees of producers that dictate these movies are the ones to blame.) I don’t plan on seeing Chicken Little because it looks like yet another “character gets bonked on the head for laughs” movie, which I generally despise.

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