Oscars: No CG Nom

The Academy Awards Nominee List was announced today, and I see a notable omission: not a single computer-generated movie in the Animated Feature category. Instead, the nominees are Howl’s Moving Castle, mostly hand-drawn; Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride, stop-motion; and Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit, also stop-motion.

I hope (but won’t hold my breath) that this tells Hollywood that animation does not always equal CG. Pixar’s amazing string of successes has more to do with story than visuals (though the visuals are fantastic).

  1. There are people on the Mick Jagger Forum that think you are a poster there. They are saying bad things about you. Is it you? They posted a map to where they think you live. I thought you should know. mickjagger.com


  2. That’s truly bizarre. Nope, never been to mickjagger.com until today.


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