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Meet iPhoto for iOS

Looking for more detail about editing photos on the iPad or iPhone with Apple’s iPhoto for iOS? My friend Lisa L. Spangenberg has published a new ebook, Meet iPhoto for iOS. I find myself using iPhoto quite often when editing photos on the iPad. The book is only $5, and available from the iBookstore, Barnes ...


Derrick Story Offers the Ultimate Workflow for iPhoto for iOS

Over at Macworld, multi-hyphenate Derrick Story offers the “ultimate workflow” for processing photos using iPhoto on the iPad. A growing number of enthusiast photographers are traveling with iPads instead of laptops. The lighter weight, thinner body, and WiFi + Cellular connectivity of an iPad (if you go that route) makes for a good companion on ...


Watch my Photo Club Webcast

The replay of my Peachpit Photo Club webcast is now live. See how to wirelessly transfer photos from any camera to the iPad — live! Watch as I edit photos in iPhoto for iOS! Marvel at how I can start the presentation without realizing that I hadn’t yet shared my screen with the rest of ...


Next iPad Could Be Incredible for Photographers

Matthew Panzarino looks at the iPhone 5’s incredible display and speculates what it could mean for the next iPad. “This means that you’re going to be carrying around a multi-thousand-dollar reference-quality monitor in tablet form for $500.”

“The Best Photography Advice I Ever Got”

Peachpit asked if I would contribute something to their ongoing “Best Advice I Ever Got” series on their Web site, and I was happy to say yes. My “Best Photo Advice” is focused on getting started.


Google Acquires Snapseed Developer

Very interesting: According to The Verge, Google is buying Nik Software, creators of the excellent photo-editing app Snapseed. The folks who work directly with Snapseed are moving from San Diego to Google’s Mountain View, CA headquarters to work on Google+. I’m guessing an Android version of the app is almost completed internally, and Google will ...


Laminar app [was] free this week

[Update: The free deal apparently expired on June 29.] I haven’t used it yet, but it’s worth checking out: Laminar, a photo-editing app for iPad, is free this week at the iTunes Store. According to my friend Jim Heid, some people refer to Laminar as “Lightroom for the iPad.”


iPhoto for iOS: Essential Features for Photographers

Peachpit has posted my latest article, which covers features of iOS for Photographers: iPhoto for iOS: Essential Features for Photographers. If you’ve already downloaded the addendum to the book, there’s no new information, but it is a great intro to what photographers can appreciate about iPhoto for people new to the program. It also gave me ...


Snapseed is the Free App of the Week

I love Snapseed and its intuitive photo editing tools. It’s the first app I cover in Chapter 5. And this week, it’s Apple’s App of the Week in the iTunes Store, which means it’s free!


Andy Ihnatko’s Detailed iPhoto for iOS Review

Andy Ihnatko put iPhoto for iOS through its paces on a recent international trip where his MacBook stayed behind at home. Results make up for awkwardness of iPhoto for iPad My iPad was my sole computer during a trip to Ireland last month. I truly didn’t miss my laptop at all. iPhoto handled all of my ...